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Ukraine is facing a devastating humanitarian crisis, as the number of victims is growing and hospitals are struggling every day, but resources are depleted, and medical professionals are working 24\7 to provide constant assistance to those in need.

That is why it has become urgent to expand horizons and open up new areas of assistance. Telemedicine is a way to get medical care for people both in Ukraine and abroad, which does not require a personal visit to a doctor.

That is why Doctor Online continues to operate, and with our support, since the full-scale invasion, the service has provided more than 108,000 free consultations! However, we would not have been able to realize our full potential without the help of companies and volunteer organizations that supported us at the beginning of the full-scale invasion and continue to do so to this day.

The LeoDoc Foundation is a 501(c)(3) American charitable non-profit organization. It was registered in March 2022, shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The foundation’s goal is to provide medical care to the people of Ukraine and support volunteer doctors who work tirelessly to help their countrymen.

Doctor Online has teamed up with the American company LeoDoc to transform into an even more powerful project. Strengthened by our partners, we already have more than 300 doctors and 1,000,000 users on our platform, and this is just the beginning!

In its short existence, LeoDoc has also used its existing network of doctors, hospitals, and medical equipment distributors to help Ukrainians in need receive free medical care. LeoDoc provides sponsorship for Ukrainians, doctors and hospitals, evacuates seriously ill patients from war zones, and enables medical professionals to travel abroad and continue their work.

Such associations are very important, because the merger of the two products multiplies opportunities and opens up new horizons for development, and makes it possible to provide much-needed medical care to Ukrainians anywhere in the world!

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