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Get medical help online

One-click doctor’s consultation (video/audio/chat)

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For children

Install the Doctor Online application on your smartphone and forget about the worries whether it is convenient to call your pediatrician at night:

  • qualified medical advice how to act in an emergency;
  • consultation on scheduled examinations and vaccinations;
  • emergency medical care and complex cases requiring a visit to the clinic;
  • development of preventive measures;
  • drawing up a regimen of proper nutrition for the child;
  • order analyzes ;
  • purchase and delivery of medicines at the nearest pharmacy directly to your home;

A pediatrician Online is not only a qualified doctor, but a reliable parental assistant who is always there.

we Help
For parents

It’s time to show love and care for your loved ones, even if you are not around. Help parents install the application on their phone and tell them how to consult a doctor.

  • it is more pleasant for people aged 55+ to communicate in the format of a video or audio call;
  • category of users over 55 already 38% of all Doctor Online users;-
  • our oldest user is 87 years old;
  • development of preventive measures;
  • drawing up a healthy diet;
  • order analyzes ;
  • purchase and delivery of medicines at the nearest pharmacy directly to your home;

Therapist Online is not only a qualified doctor, but a reliable assistant who is always there.

We help

The most difficult thing is to find time to take care of yourself and your health. With Doctor Online, you save time. Just one mobile application and telemedicine already in your smartphone:

  • online consultation – the doctor is where you are;
  • ordering analyzes within the application;
  • order, payment and delivery of medicines to your home;
  • daily monitoring of activity indicators;
  • reminders to take medication as recommended by your doctor;
  • purchase and delivery of medicines at the nearest pharmacy directly to your home;
  • history of requests, conclusions, prescriptions of drugs and analyzes;
  • Family doctor Online is not only a qualified doctor, but a reliable assistant who is always there.

We will help you find time for the main thing.

Types of Consultations
Chat consultation

Is it uncomfortable or difficult to talk? Get advice from a professional doctor on live chat.

Average consultation time – 30 minutes.

Audio consultation

Try an audio consultation to clarify all the details of symptoms and treatment with an experienced doctor.

Average consultation time – 10 minutes.

Video consultation

If you are most comfortable seeing the person you are talking to, use a video call to consult an experienced doctor. .

Average consultation time – 10 minutes.

About us

Doctor Online – Assistan was created in 2019 to provide telemedicine services on the territory of Ukraine. The application works all over the world, it is translated into 11 languages, for the entire period 151 countries were recorded, of which users received at least 1 consultation. But the main part of the users on whom the emphasis is – Ukrainians. For almost 3 full years of work:

– more than 1.5 million users on the territory of Ukraine;
– more than 170 thousand consultations for the entire period;
– leader in the Ukrainian market in terms of downloads and consultations;

During the escalation of the 2020 pandemic, the doctors of the Doctor Online application worked very fruitfully, we introduced free consultations so that everyone who needs help can receive it. We have conducted over 50,000 free consultations.

In 2022, the two companies merged and a decision was made to rebrand and redesign the product – the new product name is Leomed.

Over the past half year:

– In connection with the war with Russia, we focused on providing free medical care, we invite volunteer doctors, we hire doctors! The development team will develop the service as part of strengthening the functions for a quick free consultation
– From February to September, our doctors conducted more than 70,000 free consultations for Ukrainians who remained on the territory of Ukraine or were forced to go abroad.
– We were supported by, who supported us in the form of promoting the service and brought together more than 300 doctors from Europe who are ready to help our citizens, both online and offline;

Tens of thousands of dead and wounded civilians and soldiers, destroyed to the foundation of the city and village, an unprecedented migration crisis, hundreds of billions of dollars in economic damage. This is the portrait of Ukraine, which resists Russian aggression.

About 4 million Ukrainians have left their homes, fleeing to other more peaceful regions of Ukraine, and 10 million have crossed the border to escape the war. And almost 3 million Ukrainians were illegally deported to Russia.

In early June, the percentage of occupied cities and towns was almost 20% of the territory of Ukraine, approximately 143,886 square kilometers. It’s like the area of ​​Switzerland and Austria combined. And this is not just a piece of land, people live there who had their own plans, their own future and now find themselves under constant pressure from the occupying authorities, under constant fear, they can be tortured, killed, and the attackers will not suffer any punishment!
Kharkiv, Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhye, Kherson, Dneprovsk, Nikolaev, Odessa, Sumy, Chernihiv regions are under constant artillery and air attacks.

Since the start of Russia’s war against Ukraine, at least the following have been damaged, destroyed or captured, according to the Ministry of Health:
1034 medical facilities (157 hospitals completely destroyed)
People in the occupied, in the constantly shelled territories, and this is almost 13 million, do not have the opportunity to receive qualified medical care. No doctors, no medicines, and if there is, it is very expensive. Our doctors have repeatedly consulted people with the request “I only have this in the medicine cabinet, what should I do?”

We will continue to work so that everyone who needs help can receive a decent level of medical care anywhere in Ukraine and the world.

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  • We invite private practice doctors and clinics to join the platform!
  • Fill out an application and start accepting patients today
  • One of the largest telemedicine systems in Ukraine;
  • Your services will be available to 1 million users;
  • Monthly service for more than 10 thousand patients;
  • Unique online system with neural connection that helps in maintenance;
  • Free system training and support service;
  • Online reports and statistics of appointments for your medical institution;
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