The future of medicine online

All you need is the internet

The fastest growing market segment today:

  • 8 out of 10 all patient visits to the clinic can be processed online;
  • 70% of all doctor’s consultations are repeated, 90% of them can be done remotely
  • up to $ 90 million growth in the telemedicine market by 2023
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Online consultations 24/7

  • Qualified doctors of various specialties in own Doctor Online contact centers;
  • on 24/7 communication in any time zone;
  • video, audio call or chat in the mobile application;
  • preliminary diagnosis, appointment of examinations, treatment plan and recommendations for drugs.


  • ordering the necessary analyzes and payment directly in the application;
  • partnership with the largest international networks of laboratories and diagnostic centers;
  • deciphering results by a doctor Online Doctor;
  • Efficiency and timeliness of the service – without queues and recordings


  • ordering and payment of drugs in the application;
  • Collaboration with pharmacy chains around the world;
  • convenient logistics and delivery to the patient’s location;
  • loyal prices, promotions and special offers for users of the application.

— Why Doctor Online

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in your country!

You have the opportunity to become part of the online medicine project
in your own country and enter a promising market with Doctor Online!

  • We are a successful case of a telemedicine project with users around the world.
  • Our partners are national telecom operators, major laboratories, pharmacies and insurance companies.

Украина Подробнее Doctor online
Health assistant
Более 70 специалистов 75 грн. / Месяц
Казахстан Подробнее Doctor online
Health assistant
Более 30 специалистов 1000 Тенге.

— Insurance


A strategic partnership with insurance companies together will provide quality and convenient medical care to clients

We will build the best route for your customers in the application:

  • 70% of insured events will be resolved in the online consultation format by family doctors, therapists, and pediatricians.
  • 20% of the calls will be taken by narrowly specialized platform doctors
  • and only 10% – emergency medical care and complex cases requiring treatment at the clinic

– Mobile app

All functions in one
simple application

How does it work for the user? All you need is to choose the format of the consultation and the doctor and go through several steps:

1. Tell your doctor about complaints and symptoms:
Get an appointment for a treatment plan, medication, or test.

2. Order recommended tests:
in your city, at a convenient time. Payment for services directly inside the application.

3. Show the results of the tests at a second consultation:
use the test decryption function.

4. Order drugs directly to your home and begin treatment:
control the process of taking drugs and the dynamics of the state

– Collaboration with doctors

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We offer:

  • flexible working hours
  • decent reward and motivation system
  • comfortable conditions and office
  • interesting communication with users in a new format
  • technical support assistance and advice

We expect from you:

  • qualification requirements
  • ability and desire to communicate
  • patience and love for people

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